january 17th, sunday meeting – 10:30 @ pittman’s

everyone is invited to the pittman’s at 10:30 for fellowship, edification, and breaking bread.  we’ll provide coffee and pastries.  contact us with any questions.  hope to see you there!

in light of bowie’s death, here’s an interesting track:

Lord, I kneel and offer you
My word on a wing
And I’m trying hard to fit among
Your scheme of things
It’s safer than a strange land,
But I still care for myself
And I don’t stand in my own light

january 17th, sunday meeting – 10:30 @ pittman’s

Class this week.

We have La Madeline reserved for THURSDAY evening, beginning at 6:30. Please note, we will meet Thursday this week. If you can, please read chapter 1 of “Telling Yourself the Truth” and have some thoughts to share based on the questions at the end of chapter 1.

I look forward to seeing everyone!



Class this week.