Thursday Class

We’ll have one last class for the year here Thursday at 6:30pm about Matthew 27, Lord willing. Come on o’er!

Here are some questions that you can think about it and bring your thoughts to the discussion.

  1. Re: Matthew 26:69-75 and Matthew 27:1-10, analyze and compare the responses of Peter (denier) and Judas (betrayer). What made them respond differently? What can we take away from these two men? Are there some principles found elsewhere in the bible that speak to your answers?



2. Re: Matthew 27:8 and Acts 1:18-19. Is there a definite discrepancy? If not, how can the two accounts be reconciled?



3. Re: Matthew 27:11-23, compare the two prisoners Pilate put forward to release to the people. (Also see Acts 3:14-15). What did this say about the character of the Jewish crowd?



4. Re: Matthew 27:26-31, how might Isaiah 52:13-15 connect to the account of what happened to Jesus here?


5. Re: Matthew 27:34, why do you think Jesus refused to drink the bitter wine?


6. Re: Matthew 27:34-44, think of the significance of Psalm 22 and its connection to this reading.


7. Re: Matthew 27:45-50, in what sense was Jesus forsaken by God?


8. Re: Matthew 27:51-54, what was the significance of the events that occurred when Jesus died?


9. Re: Matthew 27:57-60, why was Jesus buried in a rich man’s tomb? (see Isaiah 53:9)




Thursday Class

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