Resolution time

Jonathan Edwards was a preacher in the 1700’s. You’ve probably heard about his famous sermon called Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. It’s really interesting to contemplate the contribution of Edwards and his contemporaries on our current conclusions. But that’s another post.

I stumbled onto a blog called A Puritans Mind, where I found a list of resolutions that Jonathan Edwards wrote for himself. He prefaced his resolutions with this:

“Being sensible that I am unable to do anything without God’s help, I do humbly entreat him by his grace to enable me to keep these Resolutions, so far as they are agreeable to his will, for Christ’s sake. Remember to read over these Resolutions once a week.”
Which of his resolutions is your favorite? Which do you find odd?


Resolution time

2 thoughts on “Resolution time

  1. That’s a lot of resolutions!!

    I like this one: 25. Resolved, to examine carefully, and constantly, what that one thing in me is, which causes me in the least to doubt of the love of God; and to direct all my forces against it.

    And I thought this one was a little weird/dark: 9. Resolved, to think much on all occasions of my own dying, and of the common circumstances which attend death.

    I do think it’s good to think about death sometimes, but I guess I feel like I have plenty of reminders about it and naturally take it seriously and yes, fear it, even if I shouldn’t. Resolving to think about it all the time…no thanks! Sounds like a fun guy to hang out with. Lolz.

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