Thursday… and beyond

Thursday… and beyond

This is Colby. I would like to invite everyone over Thursday, where we will attempt to speed up the pace of our class on Matthew. I would like to time the end of the Matthew study with the end of the year.

Thinking ahead, if anyone is interested, I’m planning on starting a study on a book called “Telling Yourself the Truth” by William Backus with my family beginning at the new year, Lord willing. Here is a link to purchase it on Amazon. Like I said, this won’t be until January, but you may want to get it in advance to read ahead if you are interested in joining the discussion.

God’s word provides the tools we need to cope with the challenges and troubles of life. It also provides the tools necessary to live an abundant life. Many of these tools have to do with our mindset. This book has to do with the self-talk we engage in and how much it affects our lives. I think this study will be very practical for us all. I initially thought I would just go through this book with my family, but we would be glad to share in the study together. I would like to make sure that when we start this class up next year, we dedicate the first 20 minutes of each class to discussing pertinent points with the children/young people.

Topics will include…







Taking Chances

People Relationships

Thursday… and beyond

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