Come over at 6:30pm for fellowship and discussion. This will be in lieu of a Thursday class.


Let us know if you can make it.


A money tree

I forgot to collect money or say anything about our collection for my friend Richard Smotherman’s health bills.

I would like send Richard a “money tree” tonight. For anyone who is interested, I’m thinking we could coordinate and send him money via Paypal at 9pm CT tonight. It can be whatever amount you desire, but I think it would be cool if we all did it almost simultaneously, or close to it.

His paypal account email address is

A money tree

Thursday, 6:30pm and Sunday 10:30am

Join us tomorrow night for a look at Matthew 19:16-20:34

Topics are: The Rich Young Ruler

The 11th hour worker

The Resolution of Jesus

Humility in the Kingdom

The Mercy of Jesus

Also, Sunday morning we will meet at our house again at 10:30.

Some of you may know my friend Richard Smotherman. He is currently working 3 different jobs, trying to support his family but he is having a hard time getting health insurance and has recently had to make a trip to the ER. Additionally, he is experiencing some pain that won’t go away and he knows he needs to get it checked out but he is still trying to work out the insurance situation. He didn’t ask for it but I know he could use some help, at least paying off the ER bill he has. If anyone has the desire to help him, please bring check or money with you tomorrow night or Sunday and I will plan on sending our gift to him on Monday.


Thursday, 6:30pm and Sunday 10:30am