La Madeline, 6:30 Tuesday 

Read Matthew 16:13 through the the end of the chapter in preparation for our discussion tomorrow evening.

Should be a doozie.

La Madeline, 6:30 Tuesday 

3 thoughts on “La Madeline, 6:30 Tuesday 

  1. driftingluke says:

    Thought questions for the doozie:

    1. How could God have revealed the facts about who Jesus is to Peter?

    2. What was Jesus going to build? What rock would he build it on?

    3. What does it mean that the gates of Hades won’t prevail against the church?


  2. driftingluke says:

    More: 1. What were the keys given to Peter? What does it mean could loosen and bind?

    2. Was Peter Satan?

    3. What does “get behind me” mean?

    4. How does someone take up a cross?

    5. What was the reason Jesus gave for his statement about gaining the whole world?


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