New Year Prayer Requests 

I thought this would be neat. Below I will post a prayer list our group made in January of this year. Anyone who may know may comment on the current status of those things we were praying about back then.

Marci’s friend just found out she had breast cancer (Ohio)
Jennifer Thompson (fever/wreck)
Deborah Krauss- and family
Marci’s cousin (stage IV breast cancer) – Colleen
Blaine Baird- prostate cancer (friends with Tim and Diane), supposed to have surgery the 12th of February
Andy’s Dad’s prostate cancer
McAllisters were under the weather
Pittmans sick, but about to go on trip
Tim’s ongoing studies in the Tuesday night class in Liberty Hill
Megan Schneider’s (Kayla’s cousin) high blood pressure issue, after just having had a baby

New Year Prayer Requests 

One thought on “New Year Prayer Requests 

  1. marcipenn says:

    this is a great idea!

    sandy, who lives in ohio, had one of her breasts removed and has been cancer free for awhile now! she was cracking jokes about it when i saw her in wisconsin last month and seems to be doing really well. PRAISE!

    my cousin, colleen, is currently also in remission. HUGE PRAISE. but there is a 50/50 chance that her cancer will return, and she’s very worried and scared about that happening. please continue to pray for her, that she’ll stay in remission and be able to raise her children.


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