Weekly meetings

Hello everyone, Here are the meeting times/places coming up this week. Please feel free to reach out to the respective host for more information:

Sunday August 16th:

The McAllister Home: 12:30 PM in Liberty Hill (please bring your own sack lunch)

The Hairston’s Home: 4:00 PM in Bertram

Tuesday August 18th (Patience and Josie’s birthday!):

La Madeline – Lakeline: 6:30 PM – Studying Matthew

Wenesday August 19th:

Margarita’s Restaurant in Liberty Hill hosted by the Glovers: 6:30 PM – Studying Philippians

Thursday August 20th:

The McAllister’s Home: 6:30 PM in Liberty Hill – Studying Marriage

We will update this post weekly, and include other meetings that take place during the week, as well as any other happenings that anyone might be interested in. Wishing Brent and Marci safe and pleasant travels!

….and this week’s music:

Weekly meetings

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