A Narcissist Seeking Heaven

Kay sent over a link to this article. Thanks, Kay! 🙂

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A Narcissist Seeking Heaven

5 thoughts on “A Narcissist Seeking Heaven

  1. This presents some really good food for thought. I’d been praying about this very idea this morning- that what I’m doing/choosing is His will, not my own. That I am humbly and honestly allowing Him to lead.


  2. marcipenn says:

    i’ve been reallllly guilty of this…especially when i’ve visited other churches. for some reason, i’ve felt very entitled to pass judgment on everyone in the building – and make excuses for why it wasn’t the place for ME…because, naturally, it’s all about me. ?!?!

    love this reminder, and especially love the point about knowledge vs. love. i think i need to be much quieter in my walk with God…might be good to spend as much time in silence as i do talking/thinking when i’m in prayer.


  3. driftingluke says:

    Mighty fine article. I’m also fully aware of my utter failure to live up to God’s perfect love. “He’s still working on me”


  4. Ouch, stepped on my toes, for sure! I’ve realized that my prayers are weighted pretty heavily on the “gimme, please” side, somewhat on the ‘thanks for all the gimmes,” and not nearly enough in awe-filled, humble, heartfelt praise. Gonna change that! With His help. Wait, that’s another gimme…

    Sometimes, during a prayer, I feel like I’m trying to micro-manage God (as if I could). I bring so many requests to Him. It’s not that I think He doesn’t care, but maybe I shouldn’t care so much about some of the things I bring to Him. Maybe I should simply trust Him with the details, and focus on loving Him, and others, more.


  5. brent says:

    This is a really good article and made me think. Narcissism is something that I have definitely struggled with (basically selfishness), and seems to be a bigger and bigger problem as the age of technology, selfies, and social media dominates our world. Thanks for sharing this, because it’s something that has to be guarded against constantly, and this was definitely helpful for me to keep it on my mind. 🙂

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